Town of Grafton NH
Tax Collector
PO Box 277
Grafton, NH  03240

Bonnie J. Haubrich, Tax Collector
Angela Barry, Deputy Tax Collector


Monday and Wednesday evenings 5:15pm to 8pm
Friday mornings 7am to 11am
Last Saturday of each month 8am to 12 Noon

Phone: (603) 523-7270
Fax: (603)523-4986

Please contact the Tax Collector for the following requests:

  • Copies of Tax Bills
  • Tax "Pay Off" Amounts
  • Tax related questions (Please do not contact the Tax Collector about abatements, assessments, credit or the Selectmen's Office)

Twice Year Tax Billing Information

The Town of Grafton now bills twice a year.  The first bill of the year is a partial payment, based on one-half of the previous year's tax unless the assessor has ascertained that a property has physically changed in valuation.  In that case the current year's appraisal will be used.  This tax bill, printed and mailed out near the middle of May, is usually due July 1st every year.

The tax rate is set in the fall of the year.  The final bill is calculated using the new rate multiplied by your property's assessed value as of April 1st less any payments made on the first bill.  Printed and mailed in the middle to end of October, it is usually due December 1st each year.  Interest at 12% per annum is charged on tax bills not paid by the due dates.

Do we have your current mailing address?  Pursuant to NH Law, bills are sent to the last known owner at the last known mailing address.  The Selectmen update the Town's records according to transfer information received from the Grafton County Registry of Deeds.  Often the owner's address on the deed is incorrect as it contains the address prior to moving to the new property.  Please be reminded that the post office will only forward mail for one year.  It is your responsibility as the owner to advise us of your mailing address in writing.  If you do not receive your bills, please give us a call.